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Ian's Blog

{for lack of better terminology}

1 October 1989
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art, astronomy, avenue q, backpacking, bagpipes, beatles, bicycling, birds of prey, bookcrossing, bookcrossing.com, books, caffeine, camping, canoeing, celtic music, chocolate, choir, choraliers, classical music, comics, computer gaming, computer science, computers, creative writing, creativity, dance dance revolution, daydreaming, ddr, dr. tran, dragons, electronics, elves, engineering, evolution, fantasy, fantasy books, fiction, firefly, forests, game design, game theory, general nerdiness, genetics, geology, hiking, human nature, humour, iced tea, imagination, intelligence, intelligent people, joss whedon, knitting, knitting club, language, les miserables, liberal, linguistics, literature, live orchestral concerts, logic, magic, magic: the gathering, maintaining a decent brain, martial arts, mathematics, mental health, metaphysics, monty python, music, nano, nanotechnology, nanowrimo, napping, national novel writing month, nature, novels, old languages, penguins, philosophy, physics, piano, planetary science, pro-choice, procrasti..., procrastination, psychology, puns, ramen, reading, renaissance, renaissance faires, rivers, robotics, robots, role playing, rubik's cube, sci-fi, science, science fiction, semi-obscure music, serenity, sleep, spam, spelling, squirrels, storytelling, sugar, the beatles, the death gate cycle, time, traveling, uhs, university high school, virtual reality, virtual worlds, vocabulary padding, webcomics, wheel of time, wordcount, writing, writing fiction