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-Who was your best friend? Uhh, probably Ryan McGrath. 8th grade was one of my "not really close to anyone" phases, though.

- What sport did you play?
Hahahahahahaha. I rode my bicycle? That was one of the years I did El Tour.

- Did you buy your lunch?
Nah, I brought stuff and mooched.

- Skip School?
Not unless I really needed to.

- Did you get suspended/expelled?

- What was your favorite class?
Er, probably German. That being the first year of it, the novelty hadn't worn off yet, and as a result I hadn't noticed how bad the teaching was.

- What was your school's name?
Alice Vail Middle School.
Colors: Blue and Gold, mascot Falcons. I didn't exactly use those except in PE (oh god the horror) anyway, though, so...

-Would you go back in time if you could?
Awww HELL no.

-Who did you sit at lunch with?
"Sit" as an exaggeration; we were that cluster of people who stood around a bit away from the cafeteria because heck no we weren't going to interact with those bastards. Additionally, I was the outer fringe of that group. But: Torie, Jessica, Kyla, Alee, Ryan, Eric, Ethan were the 'core' of the group (or at least the people I can remember). We were eminently the weirdos that scared off others and the complete nerds. And we were cocky enough about it to actually get rather arrogant at times. What was that about defense mechanisms?

-Who was your science teacher? Ms. ... something. She was a replacement that year for a much better teacher we should have had. Immigrant, and a bad teacher to boot.

- Who was your English teacher? Mrs. Mitchell, who was pretty awesome. She also taught Economics, which I took in 7th and is somewhere in the top 5 for classes I've taken, ever. She was strict, but that's another one of those fancy defense mechanisms that comes from teaching middle school.

- Who was your Social Studies teacher? Mr. Driscoll. We got nothing done in that class, because we had figured out there were a lot of issues we could bring up and just cause him to rant for the period. Hence, we postponed tests weeks by doing so. It was entertaining, though, and my inner (mostly outer) activist was very happy!

-Who was your math teacher? Mr. Moon, undoubtedly the best math teacher I've ever had. We were just doing Algebra I, naturally, but he made it actually interesting. Haven't had that in a while.

- Describe your outfits in the 8th grade.
Just the same as now: Top of the drawer special. Lots of random free t-shirts or t-shirts from events, and usually jeans or cheap shorts. Didn't, and still really don't, care about clothing.

- Did you prank call? Never got into that.

- Who did you like? My one foray so far into 'romance' (ha, this was middle school) was in 8th grade, with a small crush on Torie (who I mentioned above). In hindsight, I was really just not used to having something resembling friends, and judged wrong. It was an interesting psychological experiment, though.

- Was it your favorite year of middle school? Isn't that a question. 6th was probably better. Any year before or after would beat all three (well... maybe with the exception of last year, but I was at least more stable then)

-Do you still hangout with the same people that you did when you were in 8th?
I hung out with a subset of them until last year. At this point, no.

- Did you go to your 8th grade dance?
No. I was done.

- How many kids were in your class? Er...not sure, but I'm going to guess-timate 200-ish. <--sounds about right for me as well?
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